Checking Progress and Setting Goals


How can you check your stats and analyze your site?

Basic ways to measure stats:

WordPress Plugins:

Other ways to measure progress:

Compete against yourself

Are you always comparing your stats with those of your neighbors? Are you looking over your fence into their yard and measuring how big their flowers are growing? I think it’s time that we all go get our own yardsticks as this post suggests. Set your own goals and compete against yourself.

Set goals you can actually reach

Something that is really important to me about setting goals is that they are SMART GOALS. We can’t set goals for things we have no control over.

I remember many years ago when I was working with a direct sales company selling skincare products, they would encourage us to set a goal for how much money we wanted to earn. I always found this frustrating because I have no control over other people’s wallets. I can’t control what you spend or how much of my product you buy, BUT there are many things that I can control.

  • I can control how many appointment calls I make.
  • I can control how many appointments I book.
  • I can control how many business cards I hand out.
  • I can control how many people I approach at the grocery store (or anywhere).
  • I can control what giveaways or prizes I offer.

These same ideas about goal setting can be applied to blogging and social media. You may not be able to control how many people follow your blog, but you can control how you take care of and promote your blog.

What types of goals can you set?

So think about the following ideas as possible goals, as opposed to being glued to the stats. If you focus on the things that you can do, you will avoid being paralyzed by the feelings of inadequacy and of not measuring up.

Your numbers don’t define you. A small blog can be just as successful as a large one, sometimes even more. It’s not all about the numbers.

Obviously these are just examples and you will have to choose the things that are right for you and your SMART GOALS, but hopefully this will give you a step in right direction.

  1. Write one blog post each day.
  2. Respond to comments on your blog each day.
  3. Comment on ten blog posts each day.
  4. Respond to ten people on twitter each day.
  5. Share ten things on twitter each day.
  6. Find ten original posts to pin on pinterest each day.
  7. Find ten bloggers and comment on their blog posts and promote their content each day for a month.
  8. Ask a question on facebook each day this week.
  9. Contact five companies each day for sponsorship.
  10. Write five guest posts this month.
  11. Make a list of bloggers who are going through a rough time and find ways to encourage them.
  12. Participate in one forum each day for a week.

As you can see there are many different types of goals you can set for yourself and your blog. If you set reachable goals and are consistent with working towards them, your stats will go up over time.

Have you been spending too much time looking in your neighbor’s garden and not enough time tending your own?
Write a list of  SMART goals that you can work towards. 

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