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About Honey (that’s me)

I wanted to share a little bit about me and things I love. I have a Swedish background on my dad’s side and I love Scandinavian design. I was a bit of a traveller in my late teens and spent some time in Russia and it still holds a place in my heart. I have five children (with my hubby) that we homeschool together, so I am drawn to children’s art and illustration and all things fun and whimsical. Everything I design must be family friendly. I love teapots even though I drink coffee. I love all things vintage and enjoy studying vintage tiles, wallpapers, and fabrics. I love sunflowers and use the name sunflowermommie as a nickname all over the web (and our homeschool blog is Sunflower Schoolhouse). I love honeybees and honeycomb, probably because of the connection to my name (Honey) and hence the name of our design studio – Honeycomb Design Studio.

I love creating unique and original illustrations. I enjoy a challenge and willingly tackle new and unusual subject matter through a process of research, brainstorming, stewing or perking, and then finally creation. I take my graphic design process very seriously and enjoy working with people who respect that design is my passion and not just my job.

About Jonah (that’s my hubby)

Jonah was known in high school for doing art rather than homework. He spent time looking at his sketchbook when he wasn’t drawing, acting, or filming. He used any opportunity growing up to make art and create comics, film skits with his brother, and tell funny stories. He has explored photography and found that the littlest things in the world are simply incredible, developing a love of macro-photography and all things nature (including landscapes). Jonah enjoys creating animations, using characters from his childhood, and he is learning to develop mobile apps to inspire his children to be creative and have fun with their world.

Jonah has been developing with WP for the past 9 years (from small blogs to corporate websites) and has extensive experience with server administration, WP maintenance and support, and code experience in CSS3, HTML5, PHP and JS.