British Columbia Destination Guide

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Here are some basic resources that will come in handy when you are planning your travels in and around beautiful British Columbia.

Please note: The titles below are linked. If you click on the title it will take you to the website.

Hello BC

This is the main tourism site for British Columbia. It is loaded with useful information and resources. Use this as a starting place when you are planning, but know that there is more information that is not listed on this website that can be found through Google searches.

Visitor Centers in BC

There are MANY visitor centers (130) around British Columbia and they are very useful for several reasons. You can email or write to them ahead of your trip and they will send you brochures and guides in the mail. You can visit them in person and they will help you navigate where you are going and give you information about the local area and the rest of the province. You can also use them as a rest stop along your journey as many of them have picnic tables and washrooms (look on the website or call ahead to verify which ones do).

BC Parks

This is the website you go to if you want to book a reservation at a BC Provincial Park. On the BC Parks website you can also find information about places to camp, provincial park closures,  and much more. This website is useful because you can download park maps, trail guides, and information about wildlife.

Go Camping BC

If you are camping in BC then you will find the information on this website useful. You can use this website to help you find a campsite suitable for your needs. You can search by location and also by activity.

Camping & RV in BC

If you are planning to camp or travel by RV (or both) in BC then you will want to check out this site. The site lists relevant events, activities, and all kinds of useful resources.

Go Rving

This site is all about RVing. If you are new or seasoned you will find something useful here (or just look at the amazing pictures of Canada). If you are learning about RV travel, renting an RV, buying an RV, or looking for a campground to park at then this site will help you find the information you need.

Sites and Trails BC

This website is connected with the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resources. You can find information on recreation sites and recreation trails. If you are looking for a “rustic” camping experience off the beaten path (truly out in the wilderness) with no amenities then this website might help you find the information that you need.

Drive BC

When we did our big road trip in July 2017 this website (and app) was invaluable. It told us routes that were closed, traffic jams, accidents, forest fires, and more. It was very helpful for navigating around the forest fires.

BC Rest Areas

This is a very useful website (and app) that will show you where all the rest areas are on BC roads and highways. You can pull up the map and look at your location to see where the nearest rest areas are. Most of the rest areas are google map linked as well as come with detailed descriptions and photos. While we didn’t use any rest stops on our most recent travels around BC, it was very nice to know they were there if we needed them.

Wildfires BC

Speaking of wildfires… There is actually a website in BC that will tell you where all the major wildfires currently are. You can find useful information about what to do in an emergency as well as an interactive map that will help you plan a safe route.

Emergency Info BC

This is a useful website in the event that BC has an emergency while you are visiting or travelling through it.