About Us

The Thrill of the Wild

Honey in the Wild is a family owned art studio.

We love colors and textures. Our favorite question is, "What if?" We love to experiment and be creative. Join us on our journey!

Meet Honey

Artist : Creative Director : Mom

I wanted to share a little bit about me and things I love. I have a Swedish background on my dad’s side and I love Scandinavian design. I was a bit of a traveller in my late teens and spent some time in Russia and it still holds a place in my heart.

I have five children (with my hubby) that we homeschool together, so I am drawn to children’s art and illustration and all things fun and whimsical.

Everything I design must be family friendly and I prefer to design things that are bright and colorful.

I love teapots even though I drink coffee. I love all things vintage and enjoy studying vintage tiles, wallpapers, and fabrics.

Courses Taken


Meet Jonah


I used any opportunity growing up to make art and create comics, film skits with my brother, and tell funny stories.

I also explored photography and found that the littlest things in the world are simply incredible, developing a love of macro-photography and all things nature (including landscapes). In spare time I enjoy creating animations.

I really enjoy composing our videos of the fun trips and sharing them with you!


Meet the Kids

Snack Eaters : Kids

Our crew of 5 are the inspiration behind the trips. To explore the wild. They also love testing out the products we make.