Have you wondered how to create videos for sharing online?

Have you been needing to finish that vacation video?

Are you looking to do something creative!

This is the class for you!

We have both a Live class and a self-paced version available! Keep reading to learn more.

In this live class we will take a look at Filmora, an easy to use video editing software. Filmora has been used by over 100,000+ video creators for their daily videos or YouTube channels.

During the class I will guide you through creating a simple video that can be share online today! The process is easy to learn with room to go advanced when you are ready.

You will learn the following:

  • Importing your video
  • Making simple edits
  • Adding music
  • Exporting your video to share!

This class is perfect for inspiring YouTube creators, everyday kid blunder video, nature filming, the casual person that likes to film their cat and more.

Here are some example videos you can create!

We are running 4 individual sessions run in November.

Cost is $25 and seating is limited to 25 attendees per session.

No classes currently schedule. Request a class using the form below:

Not Ready for a LIVE class? Try our self-paced version!

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